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Bare Men: Chapter Two

Bare Men: Chapter Two


Bare Men: Chapter Two - Ends, Bends & Mends

This is the expanded second chapter of the out-of-print Bare Men hard cover book remastered and redesigned to include the "first class" and the men that were photographed for the series after its publication in 2016. 

Bare Men: Chapter Two is the collection of editorial and art nude portraits. We are invited into the homes and hearts of the men for a range of emotion and vulnerability via voyeuristic editorials and art nudes. 

32 Men. 214 Images. 351 pages/176 spreads  

The expanded e-edition is being released in 3 parts. The "Chapters" series will include many never-before-seen photographs. 

This ebook was designed (layout, color space) and intended for larger screens ex. desktop, laptop, tablet.