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Additional food writing can be found on my Food Buzz profile


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I love creating worlds for my characters, yet I draw the reader in with realism. Details and facts find their way into my fiction. I'm the author of The Darker Side of Lust, an erotic short story collection. I have recently returned to my novel, Letters to My Former Self, which I started writing many years ago. 


Through my non-fiction, I aim to educate or elaborate. The process of researching and writing articles is a learning experience for me as well, depending on the topic. Social commentaries and rants are just that. I'm expressing my opinion, one that is not always politically correct. Also peruse Random Musings, for personal essays, social commentary, artist interviews and Ask Abbie advice column. 


I am available for a variety of writing assignments and projects -- magazine & newspaper columns, articles and essays, web copy, advertorials, brochures & flyers, newsletters, email ad copy writing, press releases, scripts, query letters and ghostwriting. I also combine my writing with my editorial photography and photojournalism.


Contact me for rates.




Human Preservation - Erotic Thriller


Indubitably Obama - Erotic Fan Fiction


Because I Love You - Fiction


5 Minutes - Fiction


Rope Burn - Erotic Poetry