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Join Me On My NYC "Extremes" Photography Excursion



I'm offering a new experience for photographers - NYC "Extremes" with Pro Photographer - through Airbnb! It's a great for professional photographers, hobbyists or amateurs.


New York is a city full of superlatives and on this photography excursion we'll visit many of the oldest, highest, deepest, last and only sights and sites in NYC for travel, nature and street photography. And in the age of Instagram, yes, you'll get tons of images for your IG feed.


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Don't think that this tour is only for visitors to New York - even if you live here you'll find something new to capture. It's easy to get stuck in work-home rut and not have the chance to venture to other neighborhoods.  I've gotten glowing feedback already from people who've embarked on the excursion with me --


"...Abigail takes you on an adventure, dropping nuggets of knowledge along the way. I recommend this tour for those who want to "know NYC" - those into discovering the true hidden gems and gorgeous nooks and crannies of the city..."


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"NYC Extremes is the quintessential walking tour for seldom-seen Manhattan vistas.  There is simply no better photo walking tour if you're looking for compelling views, excellent architecture and fascination factoids from The Native Creative, who is as passionate as she is knowledgeable about her hometown of NYC... Highly recommended for NYC newbies or those who think they've already seen all Manhattan has to offer - guaranteed you will see and learn something new..."


It is a walking tour (we use public transportation too) so dress for the weather and I strongly suggest wearing sneakers or your best walking shoes. I provide a bottled water to everyone and we make a stop for donuts (yes, some sugar never hurt nobody while we're doing all that hiking!). They're included in the price.

The NYC "Extremes" Photography Excursion can also be booked on my Native Creative Concierge website or on TripAdvisor!


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