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View My Travel Photography at The Print Swap Holiday Exhibit


Images from my travel photography portfolio will be included in the Print Swap Exhibit on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at ROOT Studios in Brooklyn!

This will be the 9th exhibit presented by The Print Swap + Feature Shoot.

Now I have a huge favor to ask of you, if you attend the exhibit, please take a photo of my work to share with me! I won’t be able to attend the exhibit… because I’ll be in Paris!! You can tag me on Instagram (nativecreative_photo) or send me the photos and I’ll tag you when I post them!

You probably didn’t know I ‘did’ travel photography. Yeah, I like to shoot things I see on the road. Of all the cities in the US I've been to, Las Vegas is one of my favorites. Do I love the glitz and glamour? Yes! But I'm also drawn to the desert roads, desolation and the Americana. 

The Print Swap Holiday Exhibit + Holiday Party
ROOT Studios
Thursday, December 13
6-8 PM

This event is free. Click here to register.