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The Time I Was Interviewed on the Street By NBC News


Here's one time I'm glad I stopped to talk to a man on the street.

His smile was genuine.

He was dressed nicely.

He was holding a microphone.

I asked if it was "OK" that I wasn't Hispanic when he said he wanted to ask me some questions about Hispanic Heritage Month.

I raked my brain for elementary Social Studies facts when he asked the difference between "Hispanic" and "Latino"

He also asked me to name a famous Latino that wasn't an entertainer or athlete. After he gave me a clue I came up with Sonia Sotomayor.

As you can see in the video, he also asked about the term "Latinx" - what it means, if I think it should be used etc. 

Once the camera stopped rolling, we shared a few laughs. I make my first appearance at the 1:30 mark. Enjoy!


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