The Darker Side of Lust | Erotic Short Story Collection
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The Darker Side of Lust
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"Each tale is well-written and the humor is an unexpected treat. Ekue is extremely skilled at telling stories about lovers that reveal more about each partner (or member, where more than two are, um, present) than their style of lovemaking...the beauty of this book is that it starts off mild enough to not scare off the novice reader of erotica, then builds and finishes strongly enough to satisfy regulars." 

-- Homegirl QuelBlogger, Founder of HomegirlBlog
"I can't even pretend: THE DARKER SIDE OF LUST had me from the very beginning. Author Abigail Ekue has a way with words that lure you into the tale, allows you to shed your inhibitions and feelings about the taboo and go with the flow of the characters. 

Afterwards you can't help but smile, savoring the erotic feast your eyes have just devoured---and that your body can't help respond to. 

Definitely a book to be read, shared and relived... Erotica at its very best."

-- Cyrus Webb, Founder of Conversations LIVE
Exploring various taboos like multiple partners, homosexuality and religion with regard to sex…the book has something for everyone! It’s well written, intriguing and a page turner. It explores lust and passion and even a little love, all while drawing you in deeper and deeper with the vivid language and very detailed descriptions of characters, positions and possibilities. I felt like a voyeur as I read it, because I could clearly see each scenario play out in my mind’s eye.

It takes a talented writer and an expansive amount of liberation and imagination to come up with something that is more sexy and passionate than raunchy and overtly extra. Abigail Ekue is all of that and more in my opinion.

-- Okema T. MooreManaging Editor, XI Magazine
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"The Darker Side of Lust offers the erotic seeker a rollercoaster of hot depth and scintillating mind screws, from a taste of taboo to the twisted dark night of the soul, author Abigail Ekue covers all areas that our society might consider dark and turns them into an erotic munch that any Eros lover will find thrilling, extreme and deliciously BAD!" 

-- ISIS PhoenixFounder of Naked Yoga NYC
I read Abigail Ekue's "The Darker Side of Lust" in two sittings. I can only say the same of very few books I've encountered. Her imagination and creativity paint realistic, seductive portraits with an unmistakable gift; enjoyment ensued. 

-- Taalam Acey, Spoken Word Artist
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"Abigail Ekue's book, "The Darker Side of Lust," a beautifully crafted collection of sizzling erotic stories, is a glorious feast for the senses. She frees the reader with her astonishing imagination in these tales to savor incredible heights of sexual desire and pleasure. Her book gives us an unforgettable look at love and lust in our times."

-- Cole RileyAuthor, Making The Hook-Up & Too Much Boogie
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The world is not full of happily-ever-afters or one-on-one relationships—three or more can most certainly be a (happy) crowd and a complete stranger can be the ultimate lover.

Through 24 erotic stories and vignettes, the 5th Anniversary Edition of The Darker Side of Lust takes you back into the heads, hearts and "sexy parts" of its characters.

The Darker Side of Lust will satisfy straight, gay or bisexual fans of erotic fiction with stories that are seductive, suspenseful or risqué but never stray from reality. 

These erotic tales draw the reader in with their vivid descriptions, humor and candor—your carnal memories will be triggered and your senses aroused with what you never dreamed of as erotic. 

The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition
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The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition by Abigail Ekue

The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition

by Abigail Ekue

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The Darker Side of Lust - 5th Anniversary Edition